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Are you ready to

People in the North East and North Cumbria are known for looking out for one another and pulling together through difficult times. With the pandemic still upon us, it is more important than ever to #DoYourBit and protect yourself, your NHS and your community. 


For the latest guidance on what you should do to protect yourself and others click here.

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Remember your MEDICINES

We are reminding patients coming to stay in hospital to do their bit and bring their medicines with them.

Lead pharmacists at the region’s 10 NHS trusts say patients will be helping the NHS and themselves by remembering to bring – not just their tablets or pills – but their inhalers, creams, insulin and eye drops into hospital with them if they are coming in for planned or emergency treatment.

Bringing your medicines with you helps our clinical teams know immediately what medication you are taking which is safer. It also means you can continue to take the same medication while you are in hospital and we don’t need to be supply them again, which helps to reduce waste and saves time.