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Use services sensibly

Unless your condition is life threatening, please don’t just turn up or walk in to A&E or urgent care services. Please think pharmacist, GP or 111 first.

Too many people who come to A&E don't need to be there. Their illnesses and injuries can be dealt with quicker by an alternative service freeing up emergency services for those who really need them. 


If you do turn up, and you don’t need to be there - you may re-directed to a more appropriate service for your needs.


A&E should not be treated as an alternative to a GP appointment; it is there to deal with genuine life-threatening emergencies only, such as:

  • loss of consciousness

  • acute confused state and fits that are not stopping

  • chest pain

  • breathing difficulties

  • severe bleeding that cannot be stopped

  • severe allergic reactions

  • severe burns or scalds

#DoYourBit by thinking pharmacist, GP and 111 first

and keep A&E for life threatening emergencies only. 

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